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Life Coaching


  • Feel anxious, without a clear purpose and/or passion, and stuck in living a life that doesn’t seem yours?
  • Want something specific like a new job, a more fulfilling relationship, or more money, but no matter how hard you try, things don’t seem to change?
  • Are you going through midlife and question how you will be spending the next few decades in a life that is unfulfilling and dull?

Most of our challenges and the anxieties/negative emotions are a result of having “forgotten” who we are and the power we have to lead a purposeful, happy and meaningful life.

When just born, we are everything we need to be: whole, happy, enthusiastic, unafraid, not-inhibited and at ease. But as soon as we begin our journey on Earth (as spiritual beings inhabiting human bodies), our awesome powers are immediately channeled, controlled and influenced by those who raise us, our culture and our communities at large. Immediately we form personalities made up of beliefs, dogmas, and convictions which throughout our existence convince us of collective and personal limitations that don’t exist. We pick the job we think will give us most rewards, only to find out otherwise, we behave in certain ways to obtain appreciation and love from others, only to realize that we have been hoping to be loved by others but have failed to love our own selves.

The list is endless and it often encompasses entrenched beliefs requiring deep work to reveal the brilliant, innate aspects we have unconsciously kept under wraps for so long. Credences about our inability to obtain what we desire keep us chained to situations and relationships that deaden our Spirit and kill our bodies, time and again.

This continues until something awakens, and we begin to feel the stir of our Souls asking to be heard and heeded to; until we become so physically and emotionally sick that we either give in to addictions or we choose to finally uncover what is making us so miserable.

It is at this crucial point that we begin our journey back to our true Self, where pure bliss and unlimited powers reside to lead us towards the life we want. It is at this point that we begin to hear and to cooperate with our Higher Self, and the outer world starts to reflect our inner changes. As we vibrate at the higher levels of understanding and communion with the Truth, we attract different relationships and situations.

Life Coaching

I work with clients to reinvigorate their passion, awaken their true calling, and utilize inherent coping mechanisms to handle life’s problems with efficiency and grace. During the process, we explore the obstacles that hinder personal, professional, and spiritual growth, and investigate possible solutions.

Through our work together, people find clarity, strength and the desire to make long-lasting changes that catalyze powerful transformations.

I support the emotional and the psychological aspects of individuals experiencing the following:

  • Divorce
  • Feeling confused, stuck and/or depressed
  • Wanting to have more self-esteem and self-love
  • Desiring more balance and happiness in juggling motherhood and work
  • Aspiring to find meaningful work
  • Wishing to become more spiritual

Midlife Coaching

Midlife often arrives without fair warning, and it’s fraught with anxiety for many. Existential questions that demand to be answered trouble us. Empty nest syndrome plagues us. Physical changes ask us to reevaluate our health, while our satisfaction with the profession we’ve had for decades might lose its luster. Transitioning from one phase of life to the next feels cumbersome and overwhelming, and can lead to depression, angst, and illness.

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