Why would I need a Coach?

Coaching is a powerful methodology to help you recognize behaviors and thought patterns that have been limiting to your ability to grow and to obtain your desired goals. With the help of a trained Coach, you will be able to strengthen your authentic self through recognizing patterns that keep you from gaining total awareness of your innate and true capabilities.

What do I need to do to be coached properly?

The only requirement is that you are willing to do the work instructed by the coach. Coaching is an active discipline, requiring your full participation and commitment, including correcting the course as you and the coach see fit.

How does it work? Do we meet in person?

I coach people all over the world and I do it through either phone or Skype. In this way, you can be at home and I can be where I can best serve your needs. Contact me for a FREE consultation.

Do you use a particular methodology in your Coaching?

I am a firm believer in Transpersonal Psychology, in which I possess a Master, which professes the importance of utilizing our bodies, our minds and our spirit to become aligned with our most inner truth.

We are made of energy, and this energy runs through us and connects us to the Divine. But because we are also have a body and a mind, we need to explore more than one way to uncover our gifts and the many ways in which we can exercise our power in life.

Why shouldn’t I do psychotherapy instead?

Psychotherapy deals with past issues that have not been resolved, i.e., old wounds, and/or with present psychological illnesses needing time and attention. Coaching presumes that the individual is ready to work and can actively pursue his/her goals. Even though in many occasions the coach helps the client identify not-healed wounds, it is not the purpose of coaching to ponder and to work on the not healed parts of an individual.



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