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There is a way of being that doesn’t require us to do anything at all to feel good. A swallow flying by, the bright green of our toothbrush, the way our cat moves his tail when happy… just these almost insignificant tokens are enough to fill our heart with joy. Joy of being alive, joy to see life unfolding, joy to know that it is all the way it is supposed
COVID-19 gave us some gifts as well. It gave us the gift of learning what’s important, of taking our time with those we love, of recognizing fear when present, and more. We can choose Love or we can choose Fear. Recognizing that being human and vulnerable is a gift: we can free ourselves from fear and become at once free to love and to do what we enjoy doing
How staying at home during lockdown has helped me find true intimacy with myself and realize the gift of being aligned with my highest purpose. Similarly, leaving home for the first time has caused me havoc and fear of losing the truth I have found
As we make headways in the understanding of this unexpected Corona virus, I came across a blog I wrote six years ago and which addressed the obsession we have with beauty. I decided to re-propose it because even now, in the throngs of hundreds of thousands of individuals falling ill or dying, I keep coming across images that seem to emphasize the importance of our looks above all else.
My habits are changing. Drastically. And I have the Corona Virus to thank for it. It sounds like blasphemy, considering the devastation and the destruction that it is bringing to the world, irrespective of gender, social status, physical, and/or mental needs. But in a sense it was due to arrive. The Western world, so attached to material symbols and superficial images had it coming. It had moved too far
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