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Weary.  That was the only way to describe my dear friend as we hiked across Muir Beach.  Half moons hung under her eyes.  Every step seemed labored.  It was the most gorgeous day in recent memory, but even the sight of the sunshine couldn’t make her smile. “Have at it,” I finally said.  “What’s wrong?” “I’m worthless,” she said.  “I’m just a homemaker.  Nothing more.” Just a homemaker would
  It started with the discovery of a sock. I found it in the garage, tucked behind a box of empty Pellegrino bottles I’d been meaning to recycle and several books that were overdue at the library.  Just one baby sock, its partner lost, this teeny thing no longer than the length of my index finger, no wider than my palm.  Pale blue, with a bright goldfish embroidered on
Creativity. Well-being. Happiness. Spiritual wholeness. Peace. We all strive to attain these, but how do we go about achieving them?   Aiming for these states of mind gives focus, depth, and texture to my days when I’m at home. It’s part of my daily practice; it’s part of what drives me, balances me, and tethers me. While I was in Italy recently, however, the need to find these levels
As a life and career coach, I work primarily with women. This is neither accidental nor arbitrary: Women, as a whole, are twice as likely as men to experience anxiety. Why? Blame our ancestors: As far back as the hunting and gathering days, women were in charge of countless tasks while men were out hunting for food. We learned how to multitask—and fast. The demands that are placed on
“They are mine and yet not mine.” -William Blake   “Letting go of the ego” is often bandied about, spoken about with such frequency one might be led to believe that it’s a mild habit you can leave behind in the dark. We’re told to leave it at the door before walking into yoga. We’re asked to shed it for the greater good of interpersonal relationships and creative pursuits.
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