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Recently, I came upon a passage in Anne Lamott’s Grace (Eventually) that rang so true to my ears I kept flipping back to it for days. “…She looked like the monk seals that swim ashore in Hawaii to rest on the sand,” Lamott writes.  “The adult seals are six and seven feet long, and they all look like Charles Laughton.  The newest tourists on the beach think they are
As I travel the unknown world after separating from my husband of 25 years, I find that the closest person to keep me company is myself and realize the importance of cultivating Self-Love
I’ll admit it: I scorned coaching for many years.  An avid and lifelong believer in the power of psychotherapy, I viewed coaching and the quick fixes it promoted with great skepticism.  Achieving stability, equilibrium, and a stronger sense of self required years, if not decades, of long sessions with a therapist.  It involved a thorough excavation of one’s past, profound reflection, grit, and tears.  In short, I thought authentic,
On May 3rd I will read my article, “Mothering Mothers, and Finding Comfort in the Branches of an Empty Nest,” At the Book Passage in Corte Madera This piece will appear on the much anticipated book, Nothing But The Truth So Help Me God: 73 Women of Life’s Transitions, due to be published on May 3, 2014, and which will feature the likes of well known writers like
We are the masters of our own destinies. But what if our masters are frequently out misbehaving? We’re all guilty of partaking in self-sabotaging behavior at some point in our lives.  It could be that hot fudge sundae when we’re on a diet, that splurge on a new dress when we’re up to our ears in debt, that hour—or two or three—we spend on Facebook when we have a
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I write about ways to simplify and ease your life through uncovering, addressing and transforming habits and conditionings that keep you stuck in stressing situations and/or relationships. From spiritually awakening truths to practical tips, I bring forth suggestions that will empower you to follow your true calling(s) and become, once again, excited about your dream goals and your future. Click here to learn about working with me.



This anthology, which features my award-winning essay, “Mothering Mothers, and Finding Comfort in the Branches of an Empty Nest,” might be the comfort, wisdom, and inspiration you need to help you get through the tough times. Click here to purchase the book.


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