What is Transformational Life Coaching?

Transformational Life Coaching is the process through which you develop awareness of what is keeping you stuck, unable to obtain your desired goals and/or in a state of perennial wanting and unfulfilled wishes.

Through Coaching you acknowledge the blocks that hold you back, and work with me to release and change the beliefs, the emotions and ultimately the energy that will enable you to reach your objectives.

Transformational Life Coaching takes into account every aspect of who you are, physically, emotionally, spiritually and other outer manifestations, ie. Professionally, socially etc… By doing so we cover every area that pertains to your wellbeing and improvement.

In Transformational Life Coaching, the individual is seen as whole and complete, and most importantly capable of creating the life that he/she desires. Together, the coach and the client develop and implement a plan aimed at achieving the desired goals.

Specific to my coaching, we will cover the following Five (5) Areas of pertinence:

  • ­­Clarify your Vision/Goal/Desired Results
  • ­Strategize your Actions/approach
  • Upgrade your Skills
  • Optimize your ENVIRONMENT
  • Master Your Psychology

How does Transformational Life Coaching differ from Therapy?

Therapy deals with unhealed or unresolved issues from the past. From feeling “broken” or simply not as whole as you would like to be, Therapy helps you integrate the parts that were left out in your past due to any kind of interference, abuse, or trauma. Therapy often deals with past issues and operates mostly at a psychological, emotional level.

Transformational Life Coaching on the other hand moves you from the present to the future, and presumes that any and all wounds from the past have healed. If something suggesting that more therapeutic work is needed before moving onto implementing the agreed-upon plan it will definitely be made present to the client. In some cases, the coach is trained well enough to explore and address areas that would usually be dealt with by a psychotherapist or psychologist before moving on to more pro-active work.

Some parameters about Transformational Life Coaching:

  • Coaching is not for the faint of heart. If you are ready to work, and implement the suggested (and agreed-upon) changes then you will be very successful in getting where you aim to be.
  • Coaching is about appreciation and gratitude. From this standpoint any kind of complaining takes away your power to create and guide your own life to where you want it to be. In Transformational Coaching we transform any and all energy from negative to positive and help you create new brain neural waves to enable your changes to take roots. There is no time or space to complain about what is not working, only an acknowledgment of what could be done better or differently.
  • Transpersonal Life Coachingis about changing the way you are, not what you do. Through modifying some of your beliefs and behaviors, you will realign yourself with the Energy that animates the whole world, and you will gain renewed passion, enthusiasm and reclaim the sharp intuition you once possessed.

What are some of the benefits or working with a Coach?

Because of its nature Coaching activates those part of you that may have been dormant for a long time. By opening your mind and your heart to what is possible, you will quickly experience a high degree of enthusiasm and desire to move in the direction suggested.

You will feel energized, clear minded and excited. You will see the light at the end of the tunnel and your progress will be exponentially much faster than any other methodologies adopted in the past, showing results in much shorter times.

In a recent study independently conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers more than 12,000 people having received either executive or personal coaching reported these results of their coaching experience:

  • 70% of them reported improved work performance.
  • 61% reported improved business management.
  • 57% reported improved time management.
  • 80% reported increased self-confidence.
  • 73% reported improved relationships.
  • 72% reported improved communication skills.
  • 67% reported improved work/life balance.
  • 99% of all polled reported that they were more than satisfied with the overall experience and 96% would repeat the process.

What are some of the reasons for hiring a Transformational Life Coach?

Some, but not all, of the reasons include:

  • Confusion or lack of neutral judgment over an unresolved situation
  • Feeling stagnant and stuck
  • Experiencing negative emotions and frequent (negative) occurrences
  • Desire to improve oneself but not knowing how
  • Wanting to be more spiritually connected and not knowing where to start
  • Desiring specific personal or professional goals and not making any progress
  • Painful life occurrences keep showing up
  • Having something big at stake, ie, an important goal to be achieved

Are you a Trained Certified Professional Coach

Yes, along with a Master in Transpersonal Psychology I also possess a Certification in Transpersonal Coaching. Furthermore, I have studied the ancient scriptures of the Vedic Indian Sciences following a personal loss, and thus enabling me to deepen and strengthen my spiritual beliefs and connection to my own Spirit and the Divine. Professionally credibility is very important, but I also possess vast experience working with various organizations in multiple countries, and a personal life full of joys and sorrows, essential elements for my mental and psychological openness, my intuition and my compassion level to blend together in the interest of my clients’ wellbeing.

What is required of me?

Your job is to show up and to be 100% willing to explore your inner workings with compassion and patience. This takes courage and bravery. Courage to admit where you need help, bravery to undertake the necessary steps to change your life.

Like there are no mistakes in life (only learning lessons), so it is in coaching: whatever you do will take you on step closer to where you want to be, as you will be accessing the fundamental wisdom and the tools we all possess to steer you in the direction of our evolutionary dreams. My expectations of you is that you keep being accountable for what you promise to do; whatever that is, I expect you to follow through.

How Long Should I work with You?

This all depends on the type of goal you have in mind and where you are coming from. If you want to lose weight and recognize that food does not serve any emotional needs in you then a package of four sessions may suffice. On the other hand, if you feel stuck due to low self-esteem (often present due to abusive upbringing or past traumatizing events) then it may take six months to a year as Transformational change is literally the creation of a new brain network and it takes about a year, biologically.

Transformational change assesses who you are today, which factors and/or people have a conditioning effect on you (negative), which behaviors thoughts or beliefs need changing and then retraining yourself to adopt and apply these new tools.

The investment will pay off within months of having become this person you have always been (but believed you were not due to external conditioning) and will give you the power to manifest anything you want, this time without fears and/or self-inhibiting thoughts and behaviors.

I Really Want to Work with You but I Can’t Afford it…

If something is truly important to you, you will find a way to pay for it. Think about the impact it has on your life NOT getting the clarity you need, feeling stuck, and not having reached your goals, possibly for a long, long time. How much does THAT cost you? When we are aligned with our true, inspired Self everything comes our way in much easier way. Our intuition is sharpened—guiding us straight to our goals—our self-confidence sky rockets, giving us the courage and the strength to pursue our dreams, and what we may spend in six months or a year in coaching becomes peanuts compared to what we feel empowered to earn in the same or a shorter amount of time.

Objecting to spending money is a way to postpone and deflect something that would be extremely valuable to your future wellbeing and earning.

Why would I need a Coach?

Coaching is a powerful methodology to help you recognize behaviors and thought patterns that have been limiting to your ability to grow and to obtain your desired goals. With the help of a trained Coach, you will be able to strengthen your authentic self through recognizing patterns that keep you from gaining total awareness of your innate and true capabilities.

What do I need to do to be coached properly?

The only requirement is that you are willing to do the work instructed by the coach. Coaching is an active discipline, requiring your full participation and commitment, including correcting the course as you and the coach see fit.

How does it work? Do we meet in person?

I coach people all over the world and I do it through either phone or Skype. In this way, you can be at home and I can be where I can best serve your needs. Contact me for a FREE consultation.

Do you use a particular methodology in your Coaching?

I am a firm believer in Transpersonal Psychology, in which I possess a Master, which professes the importance of utilizing our bodies, our minds and our spirit to become aligned with our most inner truth.

We are made of energy, and this energy runs through us and connects us to the Divine. But because we are also have a body and a mind, we need to explore more than one way to uncover our gifts and the many ways in which we can exercise our power in life.

Why shouldn’t I do psychotherapy instead?

Psychotherapy deals with past issues that have not been resolved, i.e., old wounds, and/or with present psychological illnesses needing time and attention. Coaching presumes that the individual is ready to work and can actively pursue his/her goals. Even though in many occasions the coach helps the client identify not-healed wounds, it is not the purpose of coaching to ponder and to work on the not healed parts of an individual.