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Hi there.

I am Lauretta. I believe that how we think and feel is reflected on what happens on the outside, through the alchemy of our thoughts.

These thoughts translate into the kind of emotions that represents the energy that we give off, and, depending of whether this energy is positive or negative, we always attract the same kind back, in terms of situations, relationships, financial outcomes and more.

It seems easy enough, but more often than not we fail to recognize how our thoughts alone, followed by the spoken word and actions take us in the wrong direction and keep us in a tidy little box where we see the world and the people in it as potential threats to our wellbeing and our financial independence.

The impact of this lack of right is often devastating: we are constantly in a state of wanting and complaining, we see others as competitors, we embody pessimistic views and feel stuck at times for years.

In short, we forget to exercise the powerful ability we have to shift our energy through our thoughts and obtain the goals that we desire.

This is where my coaching can help you: to recognize these blocks and patterns of resistance and, with the right tools and you as an active participant pave the way to achieve your dreams.

You will no longer “feel bad” out of the blue, and you will be at once connected to the Higher Source of energy where everything is possible and where there is no scarcity of resources available. Your enthusiasm will return, you will reclaim your innate gifts and your intuition will guide you to have the clarity you need to see your goals materialize before your eyes.

A bit about me: I became a Business Development and Transformational Life Coach after the loss of my son at birth. This loss was nothing more than the result of too much stress and too much work, but also a blessing in disguise because it forced me to transform my life for my own good and the good of others.

When I said NO MORE to unrealistic goals and external expectations, everything begun to change until at last I regained my innate gifts and live life to its fullest degree.

From being a top sales representative for Apple Computer and Xerox Corporation I returned to school to obtain a Master in Transpersonal Psychology (transpersonal means every aspect of who we are, i.e., physical, creative and spiritual) and a Certified Life Coach. In between, I have also been a training and marketing director, an internationally-based public relation manager, and I have served clients like Wells Fargo Bank, George Lucas Inc., Bank of America, Bechtel Engineering and many other similar organizations.

Since then, I have worked with a number of individuals in a variety of fields, from nursing to journalism to finance, assisting them in uncovering their deepest and most unfulfilled desires, developing practical strategies to achieve their business goals, and in clearing the inner path of stuck energy for the natural manifestation of abundance, love and appreciation.

I am also an international traveler, a yoga lover, and a starving-for-good-books reader. I love people, relationships and jokes, but stay away from pessimism, gossip and destructive criticism.

Lauretta is by far the best at providing a genuine and authentic approach to her coaching. The lessons I learned with her are totally invaluable and I’ve already began to notice true changes in my every day life as well as my business. She’s truly an incredible teacher at providing you the tools that are essential in real growth. I can’t thank her enough for the wonderful gifts she’s already given to me!”

– Alex Estornel | Sky Pilates and Yoga Retreats

Lauretta’s keen ability to sense what people around her are thinking and feeling highlights her strong empath skills making her highly intuitive. Her ability to pick up on the emotions of others in a manner that is adept and nuanced is unparalleled giving her immense power in healing.
Lauretta works with her incredible manifestation skills to help you become fully empowered in your life and bring in all that will serve you best. Allowing abundance, love and appreciation to flood into your life.
Lauretta will help you wade through your own desires to create streamlined goals, focusing you to create a new life path. She will motivate, offer emotional support and create confidence.
Utilising her skills to help you grow, master your problems and become more effective in your life.
Work with her to overcome anxiety, depression and addiction or just to establish better emotional wellness in your daily life.”

– Danielle B. | 

Lauretta has the ability to make someone feel completely comfortable the minute she meets them. She is very intuitive on how others are feeling and is able to pin point a persons passion and strength in every day life. She knows how to encourage without pushing and is able to bring awareness to a person’s ability to succeed and continue moving forward. Lauretta is a kind, intelligent and empathetic person making it easy to relate, communicate and develop an immediate friendship with her.”

– Nathalie L. | 

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”


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73 Women on Life’s Transitions

This book – which features my award-winning essay and is written alongside famous writers like Kelly Korrigan and Gabrielle Bernstein – is a collection of personal stories about life’s struggles, triumphs, transitions, and the power of positive female connection.

[Nothing But The Truth So Help Me God shows] women change each other’s lives just by being there for one another.”

– Arianna Huffington

It is women’s connections that build families, communities and culture. Nothing But The Truth So Help Me God is a testament to what is possible when we show up for our sisters.”

– Eve Ensler | Vagina Monologue Creator, Playwright, performer, and activist

True stories about transitions that are common to the human experience, but uniquely, personally, intimately told…. This book is beautiful. It left me with a powerful connection to each…and I felt that I was a part of a great community of women who loved, hurt, struggled, overcame; that I am not alone.”


The essays, poems, and art within its pages cover the gamut of our experiences, from self-love to friendship; modern motherhood to Mother Earth; from “finding yourself” to challenges of race and culture; and from overcoming obstacles to making mischief. The book provides moments of recognition, a few Aha’s, and some eye-opening stories.
Nothing but the Truth brings together a diverse and representative array of female voices. By chronicling our common experiences, the book has the potential to become a resource covering our inner lives…”


Nothing But The Truth So Help Me God: 73 Women on Life’s Transitions shares stories of women who handle transitions- good, bad, and ugly- with grace, bravery, wit, and wisdom. And they are better for it. Read this book if you want to feel like you’re catching up with an old friend. And be prepared to see yourself in many of the stories.”

– Jennifer Siebel Newsom |  CEO of The Representation Project, Filmmaker, Mother, and Second Lady of California

Women’s stories boldly told have always been at the center of feminist political consciousness and empowerment. Nothing But The Truth So Help Me God captures the spirit of the personal as political and will inspire the reader to find her own voice.”

– Katherine Spillar | Executive editor, Ms. Magazine

Are you stuck at a transitional phase in your life and are unsure of how to move forward?

Has a recent change happened to you, leaving you depleted of passion and energy?

Or, are you just not feeling right day to day and know deep down that something has to change?

If so, I’d love to hear from you and help you move past these difficult times. Know that there is hope and a way forward.

Please click the button below for a free consultation. I’ll get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

Has a recent change happened to you, leaving you depleted of passion and energy?

Or, are you just not feeling right day to day and know deep down that something has to change?

If so, I’d love to hear from you and help you move past these difficult times. Know that there is hope and a way forward.

Please click the button below for a free consultation. I’ll get back to you as soon as I possibly can.